Standard Operating Procedures


  1. Do not attempt to operate any equipment before receiving instruction in its use. Check with the greenhouse staff before using any greenhouse equipment.
  2. Report breakage, loss or malfunction of any equipment to the greenhouse staff.
  3. Greenhouse tools and equipment are not for personal use.

Greenhouse User Responsibilities

  1. All first-time users of the greenhouse facility (faculty, staff, students, and volunteers) are required to schedule an orientation session with the greenhouse manager. This session will introduce the user to the resources and policies of the greenhouse facility, good housekeeping rules, disease and pest avoidance, and worker and pesticide safety.
  2. Furnish seeds and plant materials required for the greenhouse project.
  3. Be responsible for planting and the maintenance of their plants, including staking, training, transplanting, and weeding. If researchers don’t do essential tasks, the greenhouse staff will do them at PI’s expense.
  4. Carry out all experimental treatments and make all experimental measurements.
  5. Harvest all plant materials required for experimental purposes. 
  6. Maintain an active role in the progress of the greenhouse project.
  7. Notify the green house staff promptly at the end of a greenhouse project. Dispose of unneeded plant material and remove equipment at the completion of the experiment. If not removed in a timely manner, it will be removed by greenhouse staff after warning at PI’s expense.