CA ES Greenhouses

Space Allocation

  1. Prior to assignment, a Greenhouse Service Request Form is to be filled out and returned to Chris Durand. Those filling out the form are encouraged to discuss the options available for greenhouse projects with the staff. The completed form is reviewed by the greenhouse staff and a recommendation will be made to the Greenhouse Oversite Committee.

  2. Greenhouse space will be allocated only for the specific time period required by the project. Multiyear projects will be reviewed annually.

  3. Current space demands, project size, past performance, utilization efficiency, sanitation, cooperation, special conditions needed, prior commitments, and project importance are all considered when allocating space. Every effort will be made to provide space to all those who need it.

  4. Any delays or possible delays in the completion of a greenhouse project are to be discussed as soon as possible with the greenhouse staff. Extended delays are subject to review by the Greenhouse Committee resulting in fines or termination if other projects would be impacted.

  5. The greenhouse staff will return a Space Assignment Form to the requesting user. This form will also serve as authorization for the appropriate room keys to be issued from the key control office. Any keys issued to the user are to be returned promptly to the key control office at the end of a greenhouse project.