CA ES Greenhouses

General Sanitation Procedures To Minimize Pest and Pathogen Outbreaks

  1. The staff must be notified BEFORE any plant material is brought into the 
    greenhouse. Plants brought from field plots are particularly problematic.

  2. All insect and disease problems are to be reported immediately to the greenhouse staff.

  3. Keep the autoclaved soil in soil bins clean. Use only clean shovels and scoops to move soil around and do not return spilled soil to the bins.

  4. Keep all hose ends clean and hung up off the greenhouse floor when not in use.

  5. All greenhouse and headhouse space is to be kept clean and orderly by the users.

  6. Greenhouse rooms are not storage areas for pots and other cultural supplies. No items are to be stored under the benches. Consult with the greenhouse staff for approved alternative storage.

  7. Do not bring personal plants into the greenhouse.

  8. Soil and plant material are to be disposed of at designated locations.

  9. Greenhouse users who generate transgenic plant waste are to bag their transgenic plant materials in approved clear plastic autoclave bags and notify the greenhouse staff promptly for assistance in autoclaving the bags. Autoclave bags are to be supplied by the users.